50-6400 MHz 8 Channel Signal Generator Platform

Key Features:

8 Channel ( 8 port or Combined 1 port)
INTEL Atom CPU w / Windows 10
Hot Swap 2 x 40V 6ah RYOBI
24 hours Operation @ 20 watt power consumption
10.1” Touch screen
USB / Ethernet Port / Bluetooth / WiFi
AC Adapter
Easy to use CLI Test Configuration Program
Pelican Style Case
Under 5 kg weight

Product Description:

The CA-SG011 is a self-contained 8 channel signal generator. The system contains 8 x n individually controlled signal sources each capable of producing CW or clear modulation in a fixed bandwidth up to 1% of the frequency in an ultra-wide frequency range of 50-6400 MHz.

Easy to use Command Line Interface allows for simple integration to your own specific program. Comes with sample set up program .

Export License: # ECCN 3A992.a