Key Features:

Output Power Available from 1 to 400 Watts per band

Wideband (30MHz – 6GHz) with Built In Signal Source Proven Technology


Unlimited Multi-Channel Configurations

Government Agency Use including Police, Border Patrol , VIP and Prisons

Mobile Phone and RF Control Systems: Proven Track Record.

Man Pack

CellAntenna’s Jamming Product Line provides various signal source and amplification configurations specifically designed to deny wireless communications.

Each system uses CellAntenna’s CA-MGTRON™ ( patent pending) programmable signal generator capable of producing 8 x N simultaneous signals, with variable bandwidths from 20MHz to 6GHz frequency ranges. Multiple CA-MGTRON’ s in the same unit can provide 8 x N quantity of signal sources.

Our systems can be customized for the power, spectrum and environmental requirements needed. We offer a variety of multi-band power configurations OTS, including high power vehicle , medium power mMan-pack and low power drone mountable platforms.

Our system MultiBand Remote Units ( MBRU) are used in prisons and secure buildings using a fibre fed distributed antenna system ( DAS ) fully engineered by our integration team to provide surgical stealth jamming within government health and safety guidelines.


8 Channel Programmable PLL Jammer
Multiband Man-pack System (Medium Power)Vehicular Amplification System (Medium Power)Fixed Install Amplification System (High Power)

Output Power
+5 dBm max per channel+5 dBm max per channelUp to 43 dBm50 dBm / Band ( Typ)
up to 53 dBm per band (200W)
50 dBm / Band ( Typ)
up to 53 dBm per band (200W)
Signal SourceOn Board
Power Supply12 VDC12 VDCLiPo 6S, 22.2 V at 10 A or 110/220 VAC12/27 VDC or 110/220 VAC12/27/48 VDC or 110/220 VAC
Power Draw~ 5W15 W~400W max.~1000W max~1350W max
Frequency Bands
30 MHz-6GHz

30 MHz-6GHz
Up to 6 Cellular BandsUp to 6 Cellular BandsUp to 7 Cellular Bands
Dimensions100 x 160 mm159 x 108 x 26 mm46 x 35 x 10 cm48 x 43 x 26 cm48 x 43 x 26 cm
Weight~1 kg~10 kg~10 kg~40 kg~50 kg
Op Temp.-20°C – 50°C-20°C – 50°C-20°C – 50°C-20°C – 50°C-20°C – 50°C

The items described subject to US Export Control .

Products are offered only to Government Agencies to be used Lawfully.